Ugliest Dog Winners


MINNIE ME, DECEMBER Ugliest Dog WinnerMINNIE ME, DECEMBER Ugliest Dog Winner 2

I would like to introduce Minnie Me, he is Mr. Magoo little brother. Their mother had another litter and she just couldn’t keep him. We were excited to join him to our family and he has a Great Big Brother! He is a lot smaller then Mr. Magoo only 2 1/2 pounds and he is almost 10 months old so Magoo watches over him closely.

Announcing UGLY, our NOVEMBER winner.

UGLY, our NOVEMBER Ugliest Dog WinnerUGLY, our NOVEMBER Ugliest Dog Winner 2

Ugly is his name. He was called Ugly by an old man for over 10 years. That is the only name he knows and we lovingly call him Ugly-Poo. He has a small head, long legs and came to me with no hair on the back 3/4 of his body. I can’t put into words how to describe his face.. you’ll have to see for your self. Ugly has a floating detached retina which makes his one eye get milky white! Then it goes back to normal somehow. We love Ugly and he was almost put to sleep when the old mans daughter put her estranged father in a nursing home and found out he had a dog. The daughter had not been to his home in over 10 years. We are so fortunate to have Ugly in our rescue. Words were never more true.

We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise homely faces. It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within. We are Rescue.

We are in Vermilion Ohio.

Announcing JERSEY GIRL, our OCTOBER winner

This is our newest addition her name is JERESY GIRL. She loves to sleep and eat. We are located in Emerson AR 71740 and this little girl is just another uniqe member of our family. We expect to have some of these dolls in a few weeks.

Announcing GENIE, our SEPTEMBER winner

This is genie she is a senior SHI-TZU MIX. She was found on the side of the road almost dead. Her right front leg is “frozen” in a tucked up position thus she must walk on 3 legs. She has one bottom front tooth that sticks out most of the time. We just love her to pieces. We are in VERMILION OHIO.

Announcing Lil Biggles, our AUGUST winner

Lil Biggles Emerson AR 71740

Announcing Munchkin, our JULY winner

Munchkin is approximately 8 years old. Her dog breed is affectionately known as a “Canardly” (as in “you can hardly tell). She could be part affenpinscher (monkey face) terrier but her vet is convinced she is a “one of a kind” unique dog.

I saw Munchkin’s photo in 2004 on Pets Unlimited website and laughed. Anything that tickled my tummy so much has to come home with me. I drove to San Francisco and Paulie, the adoption counselor, took me to meet Munchkin. When she waddled & snorted her way from underneath the adoption counselor desk, tears of joy welled up. She was identical to my previous 6-time Worlds Ugliest dog, Nana; only 15 lbs. heavier!!! I sat on the floor and she leaned against me, looking up at me with her soulful eyes, & rolled over for me to scratch her tummy. We bonded immediately and it was if she was asking “what took you so long to find me?” Paulie noticed it was an obvious love connection and offered an “on sale” price of $75, a substantial reduction from the regular adoption price (little did he know, I would have happily paid any price). Munchkin had been rescued from another animal shelter just in time and had been at Pets Unlimited for 8 months with no interest by potential adopters. Pets Unlimited is located in the heart of San Francisco’s hills among the Victorian homes. Pets Unlimited places poster size photos of available pets in the large windows facing the busy street. As months went by, no one came for Munchkin until I came along. Why someone couldn’t see her beauty & charm is beyond me.

Dogs like Munchkin don’t come around that often. She is special not just for her looks – but her personality which really shines beneath all of those extra pounds. Visually she grabs you by the eyes, but emotionally she gets right into your heart with a sweet kiss on the face or rolling over for a belly rub. As a pet therapy volunteer, Munchkin has helped so many people heal and find comfort – whether she’s visiting a hospital for children, who giggle in delight when they see her or at a nursing home, making each day brighter for a lucky resident, Munchkin was meant to be in the spotlight. Although she remained in a shelter for many, many months, ignored and shown pity by those who visited, her new life has given Munchkin a better purpose in life – to make people smile everywhere she goes. Her rags to riches story is truly a lesson for us all to never judge a book by its cover.

The reactions when people first encounter Munchkin vary. Because she snorts when she walks, and the hair on her back is short & wiry, people ask, “what is that pig doing here?” Other people refer to Munchkin as a relative of Don King (boxing promoter) or Cruella De Vil (from 101 Dalmatians) because her hair around her head & neck is very long, mostly gray, and stands straight up without any “product” assistance.

Announcing Mr. Magoo, our June WINNER

I would like you to meet Mr. Magoo.

Mr. Magoo came to our family when his former owner could no longer keep him. They really didn’t believe they could find him a new family. When we went to see him he was sitting in the back seat of the car, and the first thing that the former owner said was you sure you want him he is “UGLY”. And I could see through all that and see the beauty he held inside. He has been such a joy to have he will get on the trampoline with his best friend Scooby and they jump and play and it is so FUNNY. And you never have to have a heating pad around all you have to get is Goo he is the best heating pad with no need for electricity. I would like everyone to meet my PAL Mr. Magoo!

My name is Mr. Magoo but my family call me Goo. Everyone stares at me I really don’t know why I guess I’m that GOOD LOOKING. I would like everyone to know I’m a Chinese Crested I use to be with another family before I was adopted by my new family which pampers me. I’ve got them wrap around my hairy little paw, “Ha” “Ha”! I Love to play with my neighbor Scooby we love to jump on this thing my family call a trampoline we have the best time! I live in a town call Berea, KY and I have a family that adores me. I was told by my Mom that I just won a contest and that the family are very Proud Of Me. WOW How about that. I’m so LOVED! Here is a picture of me and my sister Rashae’

Announcing Chico, our May winner

This is Chico from Hancock County Mississippi. He is a katrina survivor and even meaner than he was before. His famous quote is “I love my mom I hate everyone else” He is a one year old purebred chihuahua. He would be honored to be the next ugliest dog.

Announcing Oscar, our April winner

Announcing Bubba, our March winner

Brother Bubbaford “Bubba” Love
Age: 2.5 years old
Home: Dracut, MA
Quote: Why do you keep calling me “ugly”?

Announcing Gallegher aka Booger, our February winner

This is Gallegher (named for the comedian) but better known as “Booger”. He will be 2 years old in March. He is a Chinese Crested/Japenese Chin mix. He has lost his teeth on the right side of his mouth so his tongue hangs out. He’s not only ugly, he stinks! He hasn’t figured out how to urinate without peeing on his front legs, yuuck! His best friends are a 90 lb. Doberman named “Magick” and 5 housecats that all outweigh him. He’s definitely the ugliest dog we know, but we think he’s adorable.

Announcing Miss Ellie, our January 2006 winner

Miss Ellie is currently interviewing with a major talk show host. Stay tuned! We wish Miss Ellie the best of luck in her show business career!

Miss Ellie is a 10 year old rescued Chinese crested hairless. I had previously adopted another hairless and the lady I got him from asked me to keep an eye out for a home for her. I decided to take her with me and see if I could find her a home. That was four years ago! Miss Ellie is one of the most laid back dogs I have ever met. That is until she sees my other female dogs. She is the smallest of our pack and the biggest mouth!

She chases after and “gums” the back legs of my golden mix, terrier mix, and beagle mix. Yes.. you read right. She gums them because she has no teeth in the front of her mouth. That is why her tongue hangs out. It is always like that. This dog is the “other woman” to my husband. He fell in love with her before he fell in love with me! She was even at our wedding! When the pastor asked if anyone felt this couple should not get married she was held up by my best friend in a wedding dress. She (well, my friend) yelled “woof woof..I don’t. I love him more”. Luckily we were able to talk her into letting us get married and she is happy to still be “the other woman”.